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"It feels ... good ... to be back in a stedding"
   — Loial
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In the Shadow
1 The Flame of Tar Valon
2 The Welcome
3 Friends and Enemies
4 Summoned
5 The Shadow in Shienar
6 Dark Prophecy
7 Blood Calls Blood
8 The Dragon Reborn
9 Leavetakings
10 The Hunt Begins
11 Glimmers of the Pattern
12 Woven in the Pattern
13 From Stone to Stone
14 Wolfbrother
15 Kinslayer
16 In the Mirror of Darkness
17 Choices
18 To the White Tower
19 Beneath the Dagger
20 Saidin
21 The Nine Rings
22 Watchers
23 The Testing
24 New Friends and Old Enemies
25 Cairhien
26 Discord
27 The Shadow in the Night
28 A New Thread in the Pattern
29 Seanchan
30 Daes Dae'mar
31 On the Scent
32 Dangerous Words
33 A Message from the Dark
34 The Wheel Weaves
35 Stedding Tsofu
36 Among the Elders
37 What Might Be
38 Practice
39 Flight From the White Tower
40 Damane
41 Disagreements
42 Falme
43 A Plan
44 Five Will Ride Forth
45 Blademaster
46 To Come Out of the Shadow
47 The Grave Is No Bar to My Call
48 First Claiming
49 What Was Meant to Be
50 After

<<<   Stedding Tsofu    >>>
Setting: Cairhien, Stedding Tsofu


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand, Mat, Perrin, Verin, Loial, Ingtar and the Shienaran soldiers are on their way to Stedding Tsofu. They plan to use the Waygate there to catch up to Padan Fain and take back the Horn of Valere and the Ruby-hilted dagger that he has stolen. A Waygate seems to be the only way they can travel to Toman Head before Mat succumbs to being separated from the dagger. Mat looks increasingly worse and Verin tries to Heal him repeatedly to no apparent effect.

Perrin wants to know if they will be safe in the stedding. Loial says Shadowspawn are afraid to go in and Aes Sedai don’t like it, since they cannot touch the Source inside a stedding. Other creatures such as wolves are not afraid of it, however. As they pass through the boundary of the stedding, everyone has a reaction to it; Rand feels a strong chill as if he fell into a winter pond, yet it is refreshing at the same time. The surrounding forest looks much the same, however. Inside Erith welcomes them and promises to escort them to the Elders. She asks them to have some of the soldiers with weapons wait outside of the stedding. Loial explains the Longing to Perrin, where Ogier begin to weaken and die if they are away from the stedding for a long period. They move further into the stedding and Rand can hear treesinging in the background.

As they reach the stump at the center of the stedding they encounter three Aiel Maidens of the Spear. The Aiel are surprised to see them and get ready to fight, veiling themselves. They approach at a deliberate pace which causes the men to arm themselves, except Mat. Mat declares that he is leaving since he doesn't want to be killed yet won't fight women. Verin, Erith and Loial yell at everyone to stop, to no avail. Rand enters the Void to defend himself, then realizes saidin is not present like it usually is. Then an older Ogier, Juin, comes out of the woods and asks the Aiel if they’ve forgotten the Pact, which finally causes everyone to relax. The Ogier says they are safe in the stedding, just like everyone else. The Aiel disappear into the trees, and Verin is led to the meeting place to see the Elders. Verin seems to want to speak to the Aiel but does not get the opportunity. The Aiel stare at Rand and mutter contemptuously about his sword. The rest of the party is shown to a house by Erith where they can await the decision of the Elders.

While they are waiting, Mat and Perrin tell Rand the Aiel may be searching for him. They met another Aiel on the way to Cairhien who was searching for the Car'a'carn.[1] Mat says that since the Aiel are looking for an Aiel on this side of the Spine of the World and Rand is the only one known, it could be him. Rand denies being Aiel again but remembers what the Amyrlin had said; others had thought he was an Aiel too.

Hurin is pleased to be inside the stedding, as there has never been violence here and the air has never been fresher for him. As they wait, many Ogier girls come to the house to provide services. Older Ogier women also stop in to make sure everyone is comfortable. They all take a look at Loial as they leave, even as he is trying to hide himself behind a big Ogier book. Loial worries they may be planning to settle him down with a marriage. An Ogier man has no choice to decline a marriage if his prospective wife and his mother agree. Rand assures Loial that he'll be able to leave with them; Loial bemoans his choices of either getting married or again risking his life in the Ways. Finally they are all called to meet with the Elders.