"I have won again, Lews Therin."
   — The voice in Rand's head
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External summary

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Setting: outside Stedding Tsofu, Toman Head

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

The Ogier Alar and Juin lead Rand and the rest of the group to a nearby Portal Stone so they can travel to Toman Head and retrieve the Horn of Valere and Ruby-hilted dagger from Padan Fain. Verin has some knowledge of the stones. Some symbols will aid in travelling to mirror worlds while others will go to other stones. Verin claims she is not powerful enough to activate the stones and she only knows the meaning of a few of the symbols.

The group including Mat, Perrin, Ingtar, Uno and Hurin are gathered near the Stone while Rand channels using the symbols he has chosen. Instead of being directly transported to Toman Head, the travelers are shown the possible lives they may have lived had circumstances been different. Rand is subjected to many of his possible futures.

  • Rand is killed when Trollocs attack his home on Winternight
  • Rand marries Egwene and has children and stays in the Two Rivers while events unfold outside. He is wasting away after Egwene's death when he goes off to fight Trollocs at the Taren River
  • Egwene dies of channeling sickness so Rand leaves with Tam's sword. He joins the Queens' Guards in Caemlyn where he eventually falls defending Elayne from the Seanchan
  • Over a hundred other lives flashed before his eyes.

Each one of them ends with his death and a voice inside his head saying: "I have won again, Lews Therin." The rest of the party seems stunned by what they have seen of their possible futures. After arriving Verin has no answers for Rand on what actually happened except that it appears that four months have passed. They really didn't save time although this way Mat doesn't die on the way.

Mat apparently betrayed Rand in some of his futures and pleads with Rand that he would never really do that. Perrin seems resigned that his wolf-brother aspect is part of his life now. Verin makes rounds of the party healing them in some way that helps them get over what they experienced, all except Rand who refuse help from an Aes Sedai.




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