"I dress the way I like, and I won't change for a lord, even if he is your brother."
   — Min to Elayne
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External summary

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Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene is practicing in her rooms at the Tower.  Nynaeve and Min are there with her and they talk about how good looking Galad is.  Elayne comes in and says king Galldrian is dead so there will be a war of succession in Cairhien.  Egwene has had not dreamed of Rand for several months.[1] Nynaeve is in a foul mood after a visit to Sheriam's study after she clouted another accepted. They ask Min what she sees.  She says she sees danger around them and that it is a new viewing, different form what she has usually seen.

Liandrin comes in, and says Nynaeve should not be associating with Novices since she is Accepted.  Min and Elayne are sent out of the room.  She says Rand and the other boys are in great trouble from Shayol Ghul.  She claims that Moiraine sent letters to the Tower inquiring about Nynaeve and Egwene.  They need to go to Toman Head in order to help them.  Nynaeve challenges Liandrin on what she has said and what she is not saying and why the two of them would be able to help. Liandrin tells them to meet her at the ogier grove, and tell no one because the Black Ajah are in the Tower.

Min and Elayne come in, saying they heard everything from Elayne’s room.  Min says she’s coming with them to get away from all of the prying by the Amylin and Brown Ajah sisters. Elayne says she’s going too.  Egwene and Nynaeve try to talk her out of it and finally ask Min to try also. Min reads them again, and sees even more danger around them all and that Elayne is part of it. Nynaeve begins making plans for the trip while Egwene worries about Rand.








  1. Because of the four month transit to Falme by Portal Stone.