"What you practice too often, you use without thinking. You will put your sword in the other man with that, if you're quick, but not before he has his through your ribs. You are practically inviting him."
   — Ingtar to Rand during his practice.

External summary

<<<   Five Will Ride Forth    >>>
Setting: Toman Head

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin is with Mat and Hurin as they search for the Horn of Valere. Fain has passed through the village they are visiting but no Trollocs. As they decide to leave the town, Perrin sees Whitecloaks entering.  After riding for a while, Perrin asks the wolves to check if they are being pursued.  The wolves see more Whitecloaks, but none of them moving the direction of Perrin.  They decide to follow the trail a bit more before returning to Ingtar.

Point of view: Geofram Bornhald

Bornhald sees Perrin, and thinks he looks familiar.  Bornhald does not want to hurt any of the villagers so he plans to lock them up in the inn.  He is trying to avoid notice by the Seanchan or letting anyone get away that might report them.  Seanchan patrols had fought with the Children and the one damane they faced caused a lot of casualties. Bornhald did not like fighting their women, even the ones on leashes.  He did not expect to live to see Toman Head, though, after fighting them.  He commands Byar to hold himself away from the battle and then escape to report how things went.  Bornhald incorrectly believes the channelers fighting for the Seanchan are Aes Sedai breaking their oaths to not use the One Power in battle.  He mentions that he had seen Perrin as they entered in the village knowing that would help insure Byar returned with the battle results.  They do not see the huge winged shape above their heads.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Ingtar watches Rand practice with the sword while they wait for the group searching for Fain. Loial is reading and Verin is preoccupied with something as usual.  Uno says there are horses coming.  Mat said they found Fain's trail and followed it close to Falme.  Perrin tells Ingtar they also saw Whitecloaks.  Verin manipulates the group so that the party that goes to Falme meets the prophecy ... Five Will Ride Forth.  Rand, Mat, Ingtar, Perrin, and Hurin are the ones chosen either because they are needed or because they volunteered before others did. Verin draws spokes of a wheel in the dirt as the party members are chosen. Then she scuffs the wheel and Rand sees that one spoke is missing. Five Will Ride Forth ... and Four Return is the prophecy from the Fal Dara dungeon.







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