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"It takes more than bravery to bind a man to the Horn."
   — Artur Hawkwing
"Or a woman."
   — Birgitte
Book Index


In the Shadow
1 The Flame of Tar Valon
2 The Welcome
3 Friends and Enemies
4 Summoned
5 The Shadow in Shienar
6 Dark Prophecy
7 Blood Calls Blood
8 The Dragon Reborn
9 Leavetakings
10 The Hunt Begins
11 Glimmers of the Pattern
12 Woven in the Pattern
13 From Stone to Stone
14 Wolfbrother
15 Kinslayer
16 In the Mirror of Darkness
17 Choices
18 To the White Tower
19 Beneath the Dagger
20 Saidin
21 The Nine Rings
22 Watchers
23 The Testing
24 New Friends and Old Enemies
25 Cairhien
26 Discord
27 The Shadow in the Night
28 A New Thread in the Pattern
29 Seanchan
30 Daes Dae'mar
31 On the Scent
32 Dangerous Words
33 A Message from the Dark
34 The Wheel Weaves
35 Stedding Tsofu
36 Among the Elders
37 What Might Be
38 Practice
39 Flight From the White Tower
40 Damane
41 Disagreements
42 Falme
43 A Plan
44 Five Will Ride Forth
45 Blademaster
46 To Come Out of the Shadow
47 The Grave Is No Bar to My Call
48 First Claiming
49 What Was Meant to Be
50 After

<<<   The Grave Is No Bar to My Call    >>>
Setting: Falme


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand and Hurin meet up with Mat and Perrin and they hear Ingtar fighting back in the alley. Rand tells them that they must leave Ingtar to his fate; it was his choice to stay behind to buy them time to escape. They mount up and leave. Mat has the Horn of Valere tied to the pommel on his horse. After they make it to a hill overlooking the town, Rand tells the others to take the Horn back to Verin; he has to go back to free Egwene. Mat disagrees and wants them to stay together; they can all return to help Egwene. Perrin notices that the Seanchan are forming up for a battle outside of Falme and none of them can go back. Hurin sees that there are Whitecloaks on the other side of them. They are trapped between the two armies. They all look at the Horn and Mat comments that nowhere is it said that it can't be used before the Last Battle. Mat blows the Horn. A fog rises and blankets the land.

Point of view: Geofram Bornhald

Bornhald hears the bittersweet note from the Horn and sees the fog appear. He assumes it is the Seanchan's doing. He tells the legion to advance at a trot. The damane begin to target his Legion and men begin to die. He orders his men to charge and prepares to die.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand's perspective changes and he sees all of the area around Falme, yet he is still standing next to his friends. Rand sees the Whitecloaks, and they die under the Seanchan swords.  Rand sees the ships, and knows one is Bayle Domon’s. Then shapes appear out of the fog and Rand know who they are. All those come back from the grave, the great soldiers of old; Artur Hawkwing, Birgitte Silverbow, and others. Surprisingly they are few in number; only a hundred or so.

Rand addresses Hawkwing, the leader of the heroes and says they need help him to drive the Seanchan back but also to save Egwene. Hawkwing addresses Rand as Lews Therin and says they will help. Birgitte laughs, saying that Lews Therin always gets in trouble with women. Hawking feels something is missing and Rand produces the Dragon Banner. Hawking is pleased and says that they will follow the banner and Rand, the Dragon; Mat and Hurin start to believe. Perrin chops a nearby tree branch into a flagstaff and attaches it to the banner. Rand tells Hurin to stay back, but he refuses and Hawkwing comments that possibly he will be a new hero.

With Mat as trumpeter and Perrin as bannerman, they ride into battle toward Falme. The fog thickens as they continue riding and soon Rand finds that he is riding alone; suddenly Ba'alzamon appears in the mist which causes Red to rear abruptly and throw Rand off his back. Rand holds onto his sword as he soars through the air, but instead of landing on the ground he finds he is floating in the mist. He is alone with Ba'alzamon seemingly far above the battle. This is Rand's battle, even though he can see the others. He assumes the Void and reluctantly begins to fight Ba'alzamon, who is armed with a black-charred staff.

The battle fought by Rand with the Ba'alzamon is linked to the battle fought on the ground with Perrin, Mat and Hurin and the heroes of old. At first Rand fights defensively but then notices that if he retreats, the Seanchan advance. Ba'alzamon believes Rand blew the Horn so that he is linked to it. This reveals to Rand that Ba'alzamon does not know all that goes on. Ba'alzamon admits that he is behind Egwene and Nynaeve being taken to the Seanchan so they can be carried across the ocean and not be available to aid Rand. Ba'alzamon insists that Rand must serve him or die, it is the only way. Finally Rand feels that he must Sheathe the Sword the way Lan told him in order to win the battle.[1] He must win so that Egwene can be saved. He takes the sword form Heron Wading in the Rushes, which leaves him open to attack, but which also allows him to strike home at his opponent. Ba'alzamon strikes and Rand receives a wound in his side that cannot fully heal, but he drives his sword into Ba'alzamon and wins the battle.


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