"I like older men. I like men with education, and wit. I have no interest in farms, or sheep, or shepherds. Especially boy shepherds. But then, you aren't a shepherd, are you? Not anymore. Light, why did the Pattern have to catch me up with you?"
   — Min Farshaw
"Lews Therin was and is mine, girl. Tend him well for me until I come for him."
   — Lanfear

External summary

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Setting: Toman Head, Falme


Point of view: Min Farshaw

Min runs up the street, trying to find Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve.  She sees the Spray sailing away, but doesn't blame Domon for leaving.  She thought she saw Birgitte and Artur Hawkwing during the Battle of Falme. She feels like she is being pulled by a string.[1]  She runs through a house and finds Rand, unconscious.  The hilt of the sword has branded a heron mark into his palm.[2] She finds the wound in his side. With great difficulty she drags him inside and in to a bed.  He has no body heat, so she gets into the covers with him, trying to take away the icy chill of his body.  Egwene stands in the doorway, saying she and Elayne felt Rand pulling at her but Nynaeve did not.  Egwene says she will get Nynaeve. Min considers that there are three women destined to be part of Rand's life, one of them she doesn't even know yet. And she wonders which he will choose or will he try to choose all three?

Someone else stands in the door, the most beautiful woman Min has ever seen. She says that Rand is Lews Therin Telamon, the Dragon Reborn.  She wears a white dress with silver jewelry.  She tells Min that she is Lanfear and that he is hers.  

Point of view: Jaret Byar

Byar, still close to where the battle took place, sees the Geofram Bornhald is dead, and he thinks a darkfriend like Perrin has betrayed them.  He has to tell Dain Bornhald that his father is dead and Pedron Niall what he had seen in the sky above.   

Unanswered Questions

  • Was Lanfear drawn to Rand the same way that Egwene, Min, and Elayne were?
  • Why wasn't Nynaeve drawn to Rand?
  • How did Lanfear appear and disappear without a Gateway?
  • Why didn't Min have any of her visions while looking at Lanfear?







  1. Probably a ta'veren effect from Rand
  2. "Twice the heron to mark him true"" from the Prophecies of the Dragon

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