"I won't. Light, the Dragon is supposed to Break the World again, to tear everything apart. I will not be the Dragon."
   — Rand al'Thor

External summary

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Setting: Toman Head
Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand woke up and could feel blankets over himself.  He can see Min sitting next to the bed.  She says they are five days east of Falme, and he’s been sleeping this whole time.  Min says Nynaeve and Elayne freed Egwene.  Egwene, Hurin, Mat are going to Tar Valon, taking the Horn with them.  There is a heron on both his hands now.  He remembers the prophecies, and says, “no!”  Moiraine appears and starts to talk to Rand.  She says she did not send Verin to him.  She wants to know if he found Fain.  Moiraine says Fain is worse than a darkfriend.  He is worse, more evil, a blend of two evils since he was infected in Shadar Logoth.  Moiriane has Rand’s sword, but it is ruined now.  Everyone saw his battle in the sky.  He says he won’t be the Dragon!  Moiraine says he cannot run from it.  He has followers now, and everyone knows he fought the Dark One in Falme.  Moiraine has two more seals[1], which are broken now.  Rand decides he still has to find Fain.  

The Shienarans led by Uno gather around Rand and pledge allegiance to him. Rand tells them that Ingtar died in the battle a hero. Uno says that the coming of the Dragon will break all bonds so they no longer need to keep their oaths to Lord Agelmar. Masema calls Rand the Lord Dragon. Rand finally decides he must accept what the Wheel has woven for him.





Toman Head








  1. From Turak, one of which Bayle Domon had in his possession.

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