"Name the Dark One, and his evil comes down on you."
   —Saying in Two Rivers

External summary

<<<   Dark Prophecy    >>>
Setting: Fal Dara, Shienar
Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand awakes from a nightmare in Egwene's apartment in the women's quarters of Fal Dara keep. Nynaeve is there, knitting but not really paying attention to it. She tells Rand that Egwene has gone off to visit Padan Fain, with Mat or Perrin if she can find them. Rand exclaims that Fain is dangerous.

An alarm sounds and Rand goes in search of Egwene and finds the Amyrlin in the hallway. He runs into a Myrddraal on the way to the dungeon and is afraid. Ingtar arrives and tells Rand that he will take care of the Fade. Rand makes it to the dungeons and finds the guards dead and messages on the walls written in blood. One message, on the door says "We will meet again on Toman Head. It is never over al'Thor."[1] He scrubs off the message just as Liandrin arrives, who tries to use Compulsion on him to find out what he is doing. Moiraine arrives and Liandrin stops her weave. He rushes into the cells and finds Egwene and Mat on the floor, passed out, in Padan Fain's cell. Moiraine calls for the guards to get a litter for Mat and Egwene. Rand does not feel better about the situation when Moiraine says Egwene is sleeping and needs to rest. As Moiraine is seeing to Mat, she says his dagger is gone, and to take him to the Amyrlin.

Ingtar rushes in and tells Rand that the Horn of Valere is gone.








  1. written by Padan Fain