The Happy Throng is an inn in Caemlyn. It is owned by Master Denezel.


The sign shows faces with strange hats and exaggerated smiles. There is a portrait of Rand al'Thor in the common room.


As Perrin Aybara is moving his forces through a gateway, Matrim Cauthon finds him and tells him to meet at the inn in the city.[1] There, Mat, Perrin, and Thomdril Merrilin tell eachother their stories in a private dining room, and are served wine by Master Denezel.[2] All three men plan to join up again at The Happy Throng after Mat and Thom return from the Tower of Ghenjei.[3]


Based on private communications recieved by the Encyclopaedia WoT website, many of the patrons of The Happy Throng have a facination with Dragonsworn and Dragonmount, all instigated by Master Denezel. The inn is based on, and Master Denezel is a tribute to Jason Denzel, webmaster of the happy throng over at


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