The Mire is the name given to the lowland marsh located at the junction of the Tarendrelle and Manetherendrelle rivers.


The Mire is fed by continuous flows from the Winespring Water after they have branched and diverged in the Waterwood. It is a typical swampy fen full of quicksands and bogs which are treacherous to travelers. As a result it is uninhabited. Along with the Mountains of Mist and the Manetherendrelle River, The Mire is an untraversable element of geography that helps to promote the isolation of the Two Rivers region.[1]


During the Trolloc Wars The Mire was seen as an excellent geographic feature that added value to the defense of Manetheren. Matrim Cauthon possesses memories of King Aemon al Caar al Thorin who used swamplands adjacent to the Tarendrelle to protect the right flanks of his army during the Battle of the Tarendrelle River.[2] At the time of the fall of Manetheren The Mire was much smaller and located mostly along the edges of the two rivers. After the Winespring burst forth upon the site where the Band of the Red Hand perished, the Winespring Water began draining into the eastern heartlands of Manetheren, birthing the Waterwood and swelling the size of The Mire. In time the swamp completely filled the junction of the rivers and eventually wrapped around the eastern edge of the Waterwood.


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