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<<<   Fog of War, Storm of Battle    >>>
Setting: Venir Mountains, Altara


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand's army has a group of Seanchan but mostly it is the Asha'man doing the killing. Rand does not want to seize the source since it makes him dizzy and sick, which he cannot afford to allow others to see. A patrol brings in a sul'dam, upset because her damane was killed. There is another group of Seanchan thirty miles away but first the soldiers must be fed.

Point of view: Furyk Karede

Karede has twenty-three hundred men but few of them are Seanchan and only two damane. He hasn't been able to figure out how such large forces were able to assemble in the mountains without any warning. One of his men ordered the scouts to press ahead, looking for Rand's forces. Karede is furious but before he can do anything an attack begins, slaughtering his forces. He decides he must retreat with his forces, which goes against the principles of the Ever Victorious Army.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is viewing the results of the most recent battle, with most of the troops and Asha'man still in the valley below. One of the Asha'man brings a captured sul'dam to Rand and comments that saidin feels strange in this area. They have twenty-three sul'dam and two damane captives now. Rand orders Flinn and Dashiva to help with the fighting, leaving him with no other channelers. Suddenly Rand finds himself losing the source, falling from his horse and then an arrow through his arm. Seanchan have come from the North where Weiramon is supposed to be holding the flank. The force nearby lead by Anaiyella intervenes and stops the Seanchan charge. Bashere arrives and deals with the Seanchan forces. Morr arrives and heals Rand.

Bashere gives his assessment that the Seanchan are retreating and not likely to stop before they reach Ebou Dar. Some of the other lords suggest moving forward and taking Ebou Dar itself.






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