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Setting: Sun Palace in Cairhien (city)


Point of view: Min Farshaw

Rand is sulking because Elayne tore down all of his banners and does not want his aid in securing the Lion Throne. Min encourages him to go visit Elayne but he won't give in. Sorilea brings in five of the captured Aes Sedai to Rand in Cairhien in front of the Sun Throne. They pledge their fealty to him with fervor and Rand deemed them all to be made apprentices to the Wise Ones like the others that had pledged fealty to him at first.

Rand is then told by Sorilea that Cadsuane is in the palace. He decides to visit her. He takes Min and Fedwin Morr with him and when they enter the hall there is a loud bang. Turning around they see his antechamber and bedroom burning and torn to rubble. Rand tells Morr to take care of Min.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand sets off down the hall seizing saidin. He sees Corlan Dashiva, Gedwyn and Rochaid. When they see him Dashiva attacks. Rand shields himself, then attacks back with Fire but then can't find them again.

Point of view: Min Farshaw

Min is in a lower level of the Cairhienin palace watching Rand. Morr plays with wooden blocks. Min looks at him sadly knowing that the man who has protected her is now a boy in his mind. He is lost to himself with no chance of recovery.

Mazrim Taim comes in and Rand tells him to add Dashiva to the list of deserters who shall hang from the traitors' tree. Taim agrees as Rand gives Morr a wine cup with an herb in it that will kill him to free him and to stop him from using the One Power. Rand tells Taim to return to the farm, the Black Tower, and not to come back to Cairhien.

Rand says he has to go and Min replies that she is not going to leave him.






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