"Are you deaf as well as blind, woman? I'm not a carpet to walk over, and I distinctly heard myself speak. If I pinch your bottom, you can slap my face, but until I do, I expect a civil word for a civil word!"
   — Mat to Berelain when she ignores his bow and greeting.

External summary

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Setting: Maule, Stone of Tear

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is having a drink in a bar, pondering the evening's events. He is shaken by the attack on the Stone, on the Gray Man that tried to assassinate him, the Myrddraal that named him "Hornsounder" and was going to kill him when Trollocs attacked the Fade. After the Fade was dead, the Trollocs just left him there. His thoughts keep drifting to the Twisted redstone doorframe Egwene told him about.

He hears someone mention the Two Rivers and goes over to the table to pry the information from the Merchant. The merchant says that Whitecloaks will be preventing any tabac from coming out of the Two Rivers this year. He runs to Perrin's room to give him the news but Perrin has heard already and is packing to leave.

Mat tries to say he will go with Perrin but he can't even get the words out. Rand's ta'veren effect is keeping Mat close. Perrin does not have the same problem. He leaves Perrin and encounters Berelain. He gives her his best bow and greeting, and she ignores him since she views him as being too much like herself. Mat flips a coin to reach a decision which will be to use the Twisted redstone doorframe, since his life depends on it as far as he is concerned.









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