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Setting: Stone of Tear

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin is packing in preparation for going to the Two Rivers with Loial. As he finishes, Berelain comes into his room. She plans to leave for Mayene and wishes Perrin to come with her. Perrin refuses her offer, but then Faile comes in while Berelain makes overtures to Perrin. Faile is silent on the subject of Berelain for the moment.

Faile has also heard the rumors of Whitecloaks in the Two Rivers and has come to tell Perrin. He tells her he plans to take the Ways since the journey will only take two to three days instead of weeks. Perrin announces he will be going without Faile. Faile continues with plans to go with him, then starts on Berelain and all of her shortcomings. Perrin decides to push Faile away by expressing interest in Berelain. Faile runs out of the room and slams the door. He believes he will have to give himself up to the Whitecloaks in order to keep them from killing Two Rivers folk, and he can't bear to have Faile there to see it.

Point of view: Faile Bashere

Faile is angrily striding the halls of the Stone after the comments Perrin made about his interest in Berelain. She accosts Berelain in the hallway and tells her that Perrin is hers. Berelain calls her a servant or farm girl. Faile prepares to reply but is still keeping her Saldaean heritage secret. Finally, Faile pulls out a knife and warns Berelain off, but Berelain throws her to the floor and takes away the knife.

After the attack Berelain vows to take Perrin away from Faile, Ogier's oath on it. Faile is still planning to take action when Rhuarc arrives and disarms her. Berelain is sent to bed and is told to stay there, missing breakfast in the morning. Rhuarc takes away the two knives Faile used as her forfeit and warns her of harsher penalties if she does not keep the peace. Faile is determined that Perrin will be hers by the time they see Berelain again.






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