"Poke the meekest dog too often, and he will bite. Not that Lan is very meek."
   — Elayne to Nynaeve after her parting words to Lan
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External summary

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Setting: Stone of Tear

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin has a restless night either thinking of Faile being hurt by the things he said or by watching him mount a gallows. He heads to Loial's room while servants clean up after the battle with the Trollocs. Loial has been writing down the events of last night in his journal. The room is filled with flowers. Faile steps out from among them and announces that Loial is a hero, having saved many children from the Trollocs.

Loial encountered another Ogier and found out he has been named a runaway and that his mother intends to have him married. Perrin uses his anxiety to agree to go through the Ways. Loial agrees to the trip but then Faile interrupts to remind Loial that he made a promise to her. He promised to take Faile through the Ways to wherever she wanted before he took anyone else. Faile insists Perrin should ask to come with her, while Perrin refuses and says he will follow behind them. Perrin despairs that Faile will be with him when the Whitecloaks hang him.

As he heads back to his room Gaul stops him and asks to go to the Two Rivers. Gaul is taken aback when he learns that they will be traveling the Ways, but he still agrees to come.

Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene prepare for their separate journeys. Egwene will go to the Waste with Moiraine while the others go to Tanchico. Moiraine has provided a substantial amount of gold for their journey. Elayne is upset at Rand. When she told him she was leaving he did not ask her to stay with him instead as she expected.

Lan enters angrily having just learned that Nynaeve is off to Tanchico instead of the White Tower. Nynaeve faces him down very calmly and tells him he must resign himself to the fact that they are going. Lan is ready to go with Nynaeve even though his bond and oaths to Moiraine won't allow it. Nynaeve shows him the letter from the Amyrlin that requires Lan to obey and keep silent. Lan reaches for Nynaeve and very thoroughly kisses her.

Elayne resolves to write another letter to Rand, this time chastising him instead of the previous letter that expresses her love for him.






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