"I'll take her advice when I think it's right, but I won't dance on Tar Valon's strings again."
   — Rand to himself while listening to Moiraine

External summary

<<<   Out of the Stone    >>>
Setting: Stone of Tear and surrounding area

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand leaves Tear anonymously with the Aiel accompanying him, riding his new Tairen horse, Jeade'en. Lan, Moiraine and Mat follow along behind while Egwene rides at his side. Moiraine chides Rand for letting Perrin return to the Two Rivers and keeping his plans to leave from her. Based on information from various books he has read, Rand believes he can take a Portal Stone to the Waste, perhaps even near their destination, Rhuidean.

Rand asks Rhuarc to have the Aiel find the Portal Stone. Aviendha find the Portal Stone and Rand leads the group to it. On the stone Rand finds two symbols he believes represent Rhuidean and Rhuarc confirms this. To decide between the two symbols he decides to rely on Mat's luck and has him flip a coin. Rand found a male angreal in the stone and plans to use it to augment his channeling so he can bring all of the Aiel and the pack horses to Rhuidean. Rand pulls all the power he can through the angreal and the group winks out of existence.

Portal stone symbols that lead to Rhuidean.
Portal Stone—Right Lightning Inside Triangle Symbol
Portal Stone—Left Lightning Inside Triangle Symbol







Aiel Societies


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