"Give yourself up? Give yourself up! Have you been planning this from the start? You have, haven't you? You utter idiot! Your brain has frozen solid, Perrin Aybara. It was nothing but muscle and hair to begin, but now it isn't even that. If the Whitecloaks are hunting you, they will hang you if you surrender to them. Why should they want you?"
   —Faile to Perrin in the Winespring inn.

External summary

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Setting: Westwood, Emond's Field

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin, Gaul, Loial, Faile, Bain and Chiad spend three days travelling through the Westwood to reach Emond's Field. Perrin and Faile are still not speaking to each other. They stop at Tam al'Thor's house and farm only to find all of the buildings burned and no one around. Perrin resolves to leave for Emond's Field very early, with Gaul and without Faile, so he can turn himself in to the Whitecloaks before she can interfere. They arrive at the Winespring Inn early and without being seen. Inside, Marin al'Vere and Brandelwyn al'Vere are polishing the inn's silver and pewter. Marin asks after Egwene and Perrin assures her that she is safe.

Gaul gives a valuable guest gift to Marin. Bran and Marin then urge Perrin to leave the way he came immediately. The main Whitecloak is at Watch Hill, but patrols can be anywhere. Just as he mentions his plan to give himself up, Faile, Bain and Chiad come into the room. Faile tells Perrin he is being an idiot among other things so he tells her the reason they are after him is that he killed two Whitecloaks and they consider him a Darkfriend.

They get settled at a table with clean hands and faces before Bran breaks the news to Perrin that his entire family has been killed. Trollocs killed his family and there are bands roaming in the Two Rivers. Padan Fain led the Whitecloaks that burned Tam's farm. Perrin tells them that Fain is a Darkfriend. Haral Luhhan and Alsbet Luhhan and Natti Cauthon as well as some of their children have been arrested by the Whitecloaks. Lord Luc has talked of organizing the village to fight the Trollocs, but nothing has been done yet. Finally Faile comes to Perrin, holds him and tells him to grieve over his dead family, and he does.








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