"You have to know when to rein them short, and when there's nothing to do but give them their head. Letting them have their way when it isn't important makes it easier to check them when it is."
   —Marin al'Vere to Faile on the subject of managing men

External summary

<<<   Beyond the Oak    >>>
Setting: Emond's Field, Two Rivers

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Faile holds Perrin as he grieves and recalls fond memories of his family. Since his family is dead, there is no longer a point to him giving himself up to the Whitecloaks to protect them. Bran enters and says there is an Ogier in the kitchen. Marin is trying to accommodate Loial and the Aiel while maintaining her composure. Perrin lays out his plan to find Tam and Abell, rescue the prisoners from the Whitecloaks, and eliminate any Trollocs and Shadowspawn that are still around. Marin will guide the party to the old sickhouse in the Westwood after they meet up on the other side of the village.

Cenn Buie is in the stableyard and starts a rant when he notices Perrin. Marin convinces him to keep quite about Perrin, at least for now. As they approach the sickhouse Perrin smells someone ahead. Suddenly two men are standing in their path but Marin tries to keep everyone calm. Marin tells Tomas and Ihvon to put down their bows. Ihvon leaves to let the Aes Sedai know of the visitors. The others wait to see what will happen.






  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.