"An Aes Sedai's gift always has a hook in it."
   —Saying in the Two Rivers
"Let her think she's running things. That way, when it's important, and you say different, by the time she gets over the shock of it, you'll have matters arranged as you want, and it will be too late for her to badger you about changing it."
   — Abell to Perrin on handling women.

External summary

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Setting: Emond's Field and Watch Hill, the Two Rivers

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin is waiting with Marin, Faile, the Aiel, and Loial. Ihvon returns and gives the party permission to go to the sick house. When they arrive Verin Mathwin and Alanna Mosvani are waiting. When Alanna asks about Mat and Rand, Perrin challenges her, asking why she is here in the Two Rivers. Alanna explains that they are looking for girls that can channel to take to the White Tower. Next Perrin questions them on why they are hiding instead of doing something about the Whitecloaks. Alanna explains that the three oaths make it difficult since they can only channel to defend themselves and their warders. Her warder Owein was killed by the Whitecloaks but Alanna was not near him at the time.

Alanna notices Perrin's discomfort from his wounds and heals him. Loial explains that they locked the Waygate to prevent more Trollocs from entering the Two Rivers. The Aes Sedai heal the injuries of the rest of the party also. Tam and Abell arrive with rabbits they have killed. They also ask after Rand and Mat and Perrin says they are in Tear, which catches the notice of Verin who comprehends what that must mean.

Perrin, Tam and Abell move off to have a private chat. They discuss trying to rescue the prisoners from the Whitecloaks and what to do if they succeed.

Point of view: Dain Bornhald

Bornhald is returning to Watch Hill. He was ambushed by Trollocs on patrol and lost eleven men and is beginning to wonder why every patrol he leads is attacked. He notices that the Tuatha'an are preparing to leave and makes sure they are staying in the Two Rivers. Bornhald considers what he can to do with the prisoners to help him catch Perrin Aybara. He observes Ordeith's camp, which is filthy and in disarray by Whitecloak standards.

Two men Bornhald sent to keep an eye on Ordeith were killed in a supposed Trolloc attack and he is furious. Ordeith tries to sway Bornhald to leave him alone so he can deliver Aybara to him. Bornhald ponders on the cover up he made when Ordeith had the Aybara family killed.

Point of view: Padan Fain

Ordeith thinks on what plans he needs to make to control Bornhald, on what he might do with the prisoners and on what he did at the Aybara farm. Mordeth has taken over much of Fain and he believes he cannot be killed now. His focus is on killing Rand, but he can tell one of the others is nearby now. Inside his tent he has a Myrddraal chained to the ground. The Myrddraal agrees to do what Ordeith tells him to do.







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