"Two Rivers to me! For the love of the Light, rally to me! Here! Rally! Here!"
   — Perrin Aybara to the Trolloc Hunters he commands

External summary

<<<   Hunter of Trollocs    >>>
Setting: Two Rivers

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Six days have passed since the rescue of Emond's Field villagers from the Whitecloaks. Perrin is reflecting on what has happened since while he rests in the apple orchard where his slain family was laid to rest. Dannil tells Perrin that Faile and Lord Luc have arrived. To Perrin, Luc smells cold and inhuman. Faile informs him that he has a title now: the people of the Two Rivers are calling him Perrin Goldeneyes. His group killed over thirty Trollocs a few days ago, and later forty-one more and a Myrddraal.

Luc is recommending they all return to Emond's Field, but Perrin says he intends to continue hunting for Trollocs. Gaul, Bain, and Chiad return with news of a band of Trollocs that can be ambushed. Lord Luc leaves but Faile decides to stay with the hunters. They head south for two hours about seventy strong. As they wait to spring the trap they suddenly find themselves in a trap with the Trollocs coming at them from behind. Perrin shoots an arrow at a Trolloc and kills it but not before its own arrow takes him in the side. After Perrin kills two more Trollocs, a Fade appears. He slips while fighting the Fade but Ihvon arrives and takes off its head. When all of the men are gathered together again, twenty-seven are dead. They head out of the Waterwood with the wounded riding the horses and the Aiel scouting ahead. As they leave the Waterwood, they hear music coming from nearby.








  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.