"Do you mean to spend the rest of your life here? There's a whole world the other side of the Dragonwall. Wine? Women? you remember these things?"
   — Mat to Rand trying to encourage him to leave the Waste

External summary

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Setting: Aiel Waste, Cold Rocks Hold


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Aviendha berates Rand any time his gaze falls on Isendre for ill-treating Elayne. Rand refuses to wear Aiel garb except a shoufa since he doesn't want to pretend to be Aiel. Eleven days have passed since the fight with Trollocs at Imre Stand. Aviendha also tries to educate him on the Waste and the Aiel. Moiraine occasionally talks to him, mostly to try to find out what his plans are, which he won't divulge. Egwene mostly stays with the Wise Ones and finally stopped wearing her hair in two braids. Each evening Rand practices the sword with Lan and spears with Rhuarc.

Kadere approaches Rand repeatedly with claims of knowledge Rand could use but only if he receives guarantees of safety and protection. Natael, the gleeman, tries to get information he can use in his epic composition. Moiraine and the Wise Ones check on Rand's health and whether the heat is affecting him. One day while Aviendha is travelling with the Wise Ones she channels a huge fireball. Rand realizes that Aviendha is learning to channel from the Wise Ones and that he doesn't have a teacher to teach him what he needs to learn. Mat pursues Isendre but doesn't get anywhere. Finally, on the twelfth day they arrive at Cold Rocks Hold.






  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.