"And when the blood was sprinkled on ground where nothing could grow, the Children of the Dragon did spring up, the People of the Dragon, armed to dance with death. And he did call them forth from the wasted lands, and they did shake the world with battle."
   — From the Wheel of Time by Sualmein so Bhagad Chief Historian at the Court of the Sun, the Fourth Age

External summary

<<<   The Traps of Rhuidean    >>>
Setting: Rhuidean, Aiel Waste, Alcair Dal

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is following Asmodean using a platform he created through Skimming. As Asmodean turns around, Rand can see that it is the face of Jasin Natael, not Hadnan Kadere as he had suspected. Asmodean jumps through a gateway, but as it is about to close, Rand channels and wills it open again to let him through to Rhuidean. They both run through the city, destroying a good part of it in the process, and reach the statue at the city center at the same time, each controlling half of the One Power from the giant statue in Cairhien. Their battle destroys a good part of the city and Avendesora is now on fire. Their powers are evenly matched until Rand remembers the angreal he found in Tear in the shape of a little fat man. Rand then visualizes the black threads he has seen previously around Asmodean and severs them with the extra power gained from the angreal, winning the battle.

The fog surrounding the city is dissipating. Lanfear appears and is shocked by the news that Rand has severed the bond between the Dark One and Asmodean―she did not know such a feat was possible. She agrees to tell the other Forsaken that Asmodean turned on his own and shields him partially so that he can only channel a small portion of his true potential.

Rand realizes that Lanfear was the one in his memories from the glass columns who opened the Bore to the Dark One's prison when Asmodean refers to her as "Mierin". They talk for some time and Lanfear always refer to Rand as Lews Therin. She leaves through a gateway and before Rand does the same with Asmodean, he finds the female part of the pair of statues. As Rand looks around the city he notices a vast lake forming. Rand and Asmodean agree that they will continue to call him Jasin Natael―gleeman to the Dragon Reborn―but that in reality Asmodean will serve as Rand's teacher to prepare him for his fight against the other Forsaken. The first thing he wishes to learn is to shield his dreams.

Back at Alcair Dal, Moiraine notes the two statues Rand is holding, but says nothing. Rand is informed that the Shaido have left the other clans.



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