The Towers of Midnight form a fortress complex located within the city of Imfaral, located on the northern landmass of the Seanchan continent. There are thirteen towers in the fortress. The Towers of Midnight are first noted in history as the place where Deain, the creator of the a'dam, was imprisoned after being betrayed by Luthair Paendrag Mondwin during The Conquest.

The Towers of Midnight and the city of Imfaral were captured early during Luthair's invasion, and were the primary base of operations for the invaders before they took Seandar later in the war.

Since the Consolidation, the Towers have remained unoccupied. Legend has it that when a time of dire need comes, the Imperial family will return to the Towers and "right that which is wrong".[1]


Robert Jordan expanded on the Towers of Midnight at DragonCon 2005.


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