Winespring Inn

The exterior of the Winespring Inn.

The Winespring Inn is an inn in Emond's Field owned by Brandelwyn al'Vere.[1] It stands on the east end of the Green beside the Wagon Bridge and adjacent to the Winespring Water. Bran's wife Marin is the inn's cook.

The first floor of the inn is constructed of river rock, though built upon a foundation of much older stone quarried from the Mountains of Mist.[2] The foundation continues south of the inn proper and represents the remnants of an older, larger structure built when Manetheren ruled the region. A large oak now grows amidst these ruins and shades an area where, in the summertime, Bran a'Vere sets tables so villagers can drink, talk, and play Stones.

The second floor is whitewashed and extends out over the lower floor for the entire perimeter. The structure has a dozen chimneys and a red tiled roof that was the first non-thatched covering in Emond's Field. Bran al'Vere lives with his family at the back of the second floor (although in TDR 49, Mat remembers them as living "at the front of the second floor.")

The Winespring Inn serves as the meeting place for the Village Council and, as one of the largest and most stout buildings in the community, exists as an excellent defensive position. Along with the village green, it is a primary focal point during annual Bel Tine festivals.

For a long time the only inn in the village, recent mass immigrations to Emond's Field have led to increased economic demands, and thus the construction of a second inn named The Archers. Recent population changes are due to an influx of refugees from Almoth Plain, Tarabon, Arad Doman and Ghealdan.


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