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"He will be born of Far Dareis Mai. Blood of our blood mixed with the old blood, raised by an ancient blood not ours."
   —Prophecy of Rhuidean

Tigraine Mantear (pronounced: tee-GRAIN), also known as Shaiel to the Aiel, born in the year 950 NE was the Daughter-Heir of Queen Mordrellen Mantear of Andor. Her brother, Luc Mantear, became one half of the being known as Slayer. She is the biological mother of Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, and Galadedrid Damodred, the current Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light. Her personal sigil was a woman's hand gripping a thorny rose stem with a white blossom.

History by the Aiel

Even though she had no ability to channel, she studied in the White Tower from 966-967 NE as the Daughter-Heir of Andor, and by a tradition between Andor and the White Tower she was awarded the Great Serpent ring.

After returning to Caemlyn, she married Taringail Damodred, whom she never loved, to help relations between Andor and Cairhien. They had a son, Galadedrid Damodred, in 970 NE. She was told by the Aes Sedai Gitara Moroso to become a Maiden of the Spear or the world would suffer.[1][2] Tigraine vanished mysteriously from Caemlyn in 972 NE, never to be heard from again, causing the third Succession War. She travelled into the Aiel Waste, where she became a Far Dareis Mai within a year despite of the lack of Aiel origins. She never told her real name or her explicit origin to the Aiel. They only knew her by her chosen name Shaiel, meaning "Woman Who Is Dedicated" in the Old Tongue. She spoke about a child abandoned who she loved and a husband she did not, and the prophecy of Gitara Moroso

She was adopted into the Chumai Sept of the Taardad Aiel and fell in love with the clan chief, Janduin. They travelled with the Taardad over the Dragonwall to execute King Laman Damodred, the Oathbreaker, for his crime against the Tree. In the third year of the Aiel War, she became pregnant by Janduin. She should have been sent home, but was not,[1] and gave birth to her child on the slope of Dragonmount on the third day of the Battle of the Shining Walls, the last day of Nesan, 978 NE and died moments later. This was a child of the prophecy of the Dragon Reborn, Rand al'Thor.


Tigraine is a reference in both name and role to Igraine, a character out of Arthurian legend. Igraine was the mother of King Arthur by a man other than her husband, similar to how Tigraine bears Rand al'Thor.