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Torm are an exotic species from Seanchan. They resemble great cats with copper scales instead of fur and six-clawed feet that can grip the stones of the road. They also have three eyes. A torm is approximately the size of a horse. They are not widely available, and are hard to replace. The Seanchan consider it the most intelligent of their creatures, being well above that of a very bright dog, and can come close to human levels in certain areas of problem solving, such as maze tests.

Torm bear live young, and nurse them. Most torm do not reach adulthood, however, as fights for dominance between torm typically result in the death of one of the animals. Training by animal handlers prevents these fights for dominance.


A torm with harness.

Early morat'torm sought to use these intelligent animals as trackers. But each torm quickly made it clear that it hunted only what it wanted to, and nothing else. A torm is primarily carnivorous; it can survive on only plants for several days, but if deprived of meat for long, it becomes increasingly difficult to control as it attempts to hunt for food. They are the most intelligent of the Seanchan exotics, after damane, of course. They have an intelligence quotient well above that of a very bright dog. In some cases, they can come close to our level in certain areas of problem solving, such as maze tests.

Seanchan and Torm

A torm with its rider

Any torm can outrun even the fastest horse, but riding a torm is apparently very difficult. Torm will turn and attack rider after rider, until it accepts one for no apparent reason. When a torm finally chooses its one rider, it will not allow another to ride. If a rider dies, the torm can take an extremely long time to accept another.

A torm's primary function is that of conveyance for scouting, rather than in protracted combat. It is faster than a horse, with better endurance as well. However, if in battle for too long, a torm will suffer from fighting frenzy. It rarely will turn on its rider during one of these frenzies, but will strike at anyone else within reach. Regardless of the length of combat, a torm will immediately attack any corlm within reach. Because of these factors, the risk of losing a torm in combat is too high considering their rarity and value.

Exotic Animals of the Seanchan


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