EWoT: Torwyn Barshaw

Torwyn Barshaw is a supposed Darkfriend.


He is a squat big nosed man with a choleric eye.


According to his story, he is a merchant from Four Kings.

He is uncle to Paitr Conel, though he doesn't resemble him in the slightest. This may be a lie.

Paitr also refers to him as 'Uncle Jen' and says he is smart.


He came to Amadicia to find some Taraboner dyes.

Paitr says that he and his uncle are loyal Andorans and wish to rescue Morgase from the Whitecloaks. Torwyn will come up with the plan for her escape. This is made more difficult by the fact that Morgase will not leave without the others.

He comes to her dressed as a shopkeeper selling knitting needles and yarn with a plan to smuggle her out buried at the bottom of a cartload of kitchen refuse, but Morgase will not leave the other behind.

He is hanged by the Children of the Light as a Darkfriend. He weeps while waiting on the gallows. He had supposedly been caught at a Darkfriend gathering.