External summary

<<<   After the Taint    >>>
Setting: Ghealdan


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin Aybara feels guilt over the capture of Basel Gill and the others. As he walks past Hu Barran and Darl Coplin, he smells regret, frustration and disappointment and a tinge of embarrassment coming from them. Perrin asks Jur Grady if they could sneak into the camp to rescue the prisoners. Grady is confident that with the One Power they could pummel the Children of the Light camp. Perrin is reluctant to go in this direction. Perrin makes his way to the Aiel section of the camp, where he has received great ji for his attack on the Shaido. Grady detects something in the Wise Ones tents, so they walk to investigate. Fager Neald is there and confirms that they have manged to successfully Link. Neald states he feels complete now with the usage of both Saidar and Saidin. Perrin confirms that they will send their scouting to Cairhien (city) soon. Grady asks Perrin if he can visit his family at the Black Tower, to which Perrin says soon. Perrin notices that even the Asha'man were starting to see Perrin as their lord, rather than being so aloof when they first joined him. Grady tells Perrin that the taint has been cleansed. He also reveals that his father could also channel, and that the Red Ajah took him while he was a baby. Grady joined the Black Tower to fight for Rand until death or the madness took him. Now the taint has gone, Perrin realizes that instead of the Asha'man fighting for death, they now fight to live, and hence why they have finally integrated with everyone else. Dain is spotted riding towards Perrin's camp with the flag of peace. Bornhold tells Perrin the the Lord Captain Commander is waiting to speak with him. Perrin gathers the Asha'man and a few others to meet with the Whitecloaks. He meets them just a short distance from their camp. Perrin asks for the Whitecloaks prisoners. Galadedrid Damodred states that Perrin killed a couple of Children a few years back and is untrustworthy. Galad demands to meet Perrin's army in battle. Perrin turns away without any comment.

Point of view: Galad Damodred

Galad wanted to measure Perrin. He believes he has made the right decision to face Perrin in battle.