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Setting: Stone of Tear


Point of view: Min Farshaw

Elmindreda Farshaw can feel warmth coming through the bond. El'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran is concerned where Rand is. Min states that Rand is fine. She felt Rand's pain, anger and despair through the bond, and then finally the radiation warmth. Nynaeve is worried with what Rand just about did to Tamlin al'Thor, and what he did at Natrin's Barrow. Sarene Nemdahl arrives at Min's quarters and requests that both Min and Nynaeve visit Cadsuane Melaidhrin as Alanna Mosvani has gone missing.

Point of view: Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Corele Hovian tells everyone she felt no presence of Saidar being welded as they survey Alanna's room. It is assumed that Alanna has left Tear for some reason, having taken all her clothes and leaving a sheet of paper with red wax on it. Unfortunately the letter inside is missing and Cadsuane is concerned that Alanna can be used as a tool against Rand. Nynaeve tells everyone that Alanna should have been guarded, to which Cadsuane inwardly agrees. As Cadsuane drinks her tea, she notices that the tea doesn't taste bitter, but rather tasty. Min gasps and turns stating Rand has arrived. Min's two Far Dareis Mai race off to tell the rest of the Aiel.





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