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Setting: White Tower in Tar Valon


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

While dreaming, Egwene al'Vere calls Nynaeve al'Meara back to the White Tower and then she also has some true dreams. She infers from one that Mesaana is still in the tower, somehow being able to out-maneuver the Oath Rod. Her Keeper, Silviana Brehon, then informs her that the Dragon Reborn has come to the White Tower to bid an audience.

Point of view: Siuan Sanche

Siuan Sanche is walking the halls of the White Tower with the Captain of the Tower Guard, Jimar Chubain, and the Brown, Saerin Asnobar, after hearing the former racing by with the news of Rand al'Thor's presence. She has already summoned her Warder, Gareth Bryne back by messenger as she feels she will need his steadying presence.

Chubain is worried that he'll be losing his captaincy to Gareth Bryne, but Siuan knows this won't happen as Gareth will be needed instead as a Field General at the Last Battle.

The three, while heading for the Hall of the Tower come across yet another section of the tower in which the Dark One's power has been made manifest, turning the floor stones a wet blood red.

Gareth joins the three and shortly he and Siuan are filing in to the large antechamber. When she spots Rand al'Thor, he turns and, ignoring the two full circles shielding him and the ring of Warders surrounding him, walks straight to Siuan and greets her by name. He asks what kind of Amyrlin Egwene has become and notes that Siuan has changed since the last time they met.

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene meets with Rand and overcomes her anger to be able to trust him a little. Then he announces that he will break the seals on the Dark One's Prison at Shayol Ghul in one month's time and needs the help of female channelers to seal him back in for good.[1] Despite questioning his sanity, she allows him to leave to continue preparations. She reconvenes the Hall in one hour's time to plan what to do with the month they have been given.









One Power



"Well, this is a pot of fisherman's stew made only with the heads."
   —Siuan Sanche


  1. He infers this in some book or prophecy or from one of Lews Therin's ramblings or something.

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