External summary

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Setting: Jehannah Road in Ghealdan


Point of view: Galad Damodred

Galadedrid Damodred asks Perrin Aybara if the Asha'man are actually free of the Taint. Galad had accepted Healing from the Aes Sedai, to set precedence for the rest of his men. The rest of the Children of the Light have the choice to either accept Healing or not. Perrin rushes over to some fallen Trollocs and finds Child Jerum Nus buried underneath. Galad vouches for the unconscious man to be Healed. Perrin offers to transport the Children to the Field of Merrilor through gateways and fight in Tarmon Gai'don. Galad gives his oath to accept Perrin as their military commander till after the Last Battle is done. Galad sits to rest after being caught up in Ta'veren need.

Point of view: Alliandre Maritha Kigarin

Alliandre Maritha Kigarin cuts bandages for the injured. She overhears Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron speaking to Zarine ni Bashere t'Aybara. Berelain accepts that she was wrong about Perrin's character. Alliandre is not fooled by their friendship ploy. Alliandre then speaks to Berelain privately. Berelain is pretending to be more upset about being wrong about Perrin than she actually is. This is so Faile will think of Berelain as less of a threat. Berelain only ever wanted to have political links to Rand in order to help her country survive. These marriages are never about romance though, but political gain. Galad arrives and he and Berelain can't keep their eyes off each other. He thanks her for pleading for his life before the battle. They move off to cut some bandages together, and Alliandre wonders if this particular union could be political as well as romantic. Alliandre then steals a silk shirt for herself.