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Setting: Black Tower


Point of view: Androl Genhald

Androl Genhald is in his workshop, crafting with leather. He contemplates life in the Black Tower. He has only been promoted to Dedicated due to Logain Ablar approaching Rand al'Thor about it, even though he is extremely weak in the One Power, he is extremely gifted in using Gateways. Androl finishes his armband and walks through the Tower grounds. He stops by a group of Two Rivers folks who are creating a canal with the One Power. Androl steepens the canal with his very limited usage of Earth. Trost asks if any news has been heard about the missing Logain. As Androl is discussing this, he notices the shadows around him starting to reach out to him. He quickly lets go of the Source and the shadows disperse just as quickly. Androl finally finds his target group and gives the armband to Jonneth Dowtry. The group consisting of Arlen Nalaam, Taril Canler and Emarin are leveling a hill for farming. The group discuss the obvious division that is starting to occur within the Tower, Logain's men vs Mazrim Taim's men. It seems that even though there are supposed to be no favorites, M'Hael's men are promoted faster and receive rewards more often. Coteren saunters over and humiliates Androl. Androl's group are furious with Coteren and seize Saidin. The group that was being watched over by Coteren stand and face Androl's group, also seizing saidin. Androl manages to diffuse the situation and everyone moves away. Nalaam mumbles some gibberish, believing he is speaking normally. Androl is thankful that Emarin and Jonneth will never have to deal with the taint of saidin. Androl's group continue to discuss M'Hael's division and how all these men who receive special lessons learn so much quicker in the One Power. Varil Nensen was loyal to Logain, but after taking the special lessons, become one of M'Hael's men and that more and more men are doing this. Taim's men have also spread rumors about the Dragon abandoning them and that he has gone mad. Emarin defends Rand, revealing he has met him before. [1] Nalaam tells everyone that there is something different about Nensen and that Kash suddenly arrived and has become powerful so quickly. Androl's group look to Androl as their leader. He formulates a plan to seek out other men that can join their group, such as Dafid Norley and Morly Hardlin. They then need to track down where Logain has gone and oppose the M'Hael's division.





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