External summary

<<<   Near Avendesora    >>>
Setting: Rhuidean, within the Glass columns


Point of view: Aviendha

Sitting beneath Avendesora, Aviendha decided to study the Glass Pillar "ter'angreal", but backed off after realizing it was beyond her Talents, and incomprehensible to a single person. Deciding to leave Rhuidean, her first step led to a disturbing vision from the Glass Pillars of the Aiel's future, showing the destruction of the Aiel people. Shocked and afraid of what she would find, Aviendha nevertheless decided to walk through the Pillars again.

Point of view: Malidra

The First vision is seen through the eyes of Malidra who is a scavenger. She is murdered by a Lightbearer with a Lightstick for feeding off of their garbage. As she dies the Lightbearer mutters "bloody Aiel".

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha is confused about the vision, as it contradicts history. The Aiel in the Age of Legends were servants, not scavengers. Knowing that she needs to get to the bottom of this mystery she takes her next step.

Point of view: Norlesh

The Second vision is seen through the eyes of Norlesh. Norlesh and the rest of her family go to those of the Raven Empire and offer them rocks they are seeking. They are turned down as they are required not to trade with Aiel or risk losing their charter allowing them to mine in the area. As Norlash sits down with her family dejected, she realizes her infant Garlvan has died during the walk.

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha is beside herself with grief. The Aiel without honor, reduced to a begging broken race. Aviendha steels herself and takes the next step.

Point of view: Tava

The Third vision is seen through the eyes of Tava. She is part of a group of Aiel being attacked in a hold, by Raken with Seanchan using Lightsticks (Assumed to be a sort of musket). The Aiel are mostly destroyed and abandon the hold.

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha finally realizes this is not the past like she had assumed, but the future. One where the Seanchan have utterly and comprehensively defeated the Aiel in war. Sobbing she steps forward.



From Glass Columns