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Setting: Rhuidean, Glass columns


Point of view: Ladalin

The Fourth vision is seen through the eyes of Ladalin who is an Aiel Wise One descended from the dragon. During a meeting with the other Wise Ones and Clan chiefs they learn the White Tower has fallen. Jorshem states that the war with the Ravens has been lost. Ladalin tells the others that to surrender would be the end of the Aiel as they would be made gai'shain. They decide to retreat back to the Three-Fold Land.

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha is appalled at the lack of honor the Aiel of the future display. She carries on walking.

Point of view: Oncala

The Fifth vision is seen through the eyes of Oncala who is Avienha's granddaughter. Oncala and Hehyal meet with Queen Talana who is Elayne Trakand's granddaughter. The Aiel show plans for an attack on Andor which they stole from the Ebou Dari palace. They didn't tell her that it was only going to be used if Andor entered the war. (This leads to the Seanchan gaining the dragons and thus Lightsticks.)

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha is disgusted with Oncala, and her hereditary tie to herself. She takes another step.

Point of view: Padra

The Final vision is of Aviendha's daughter Padra who attacks a group of Seanchan who wondered into their borders after the peace has been signed between wetlander nations and the Seanchan, (but not the Aiel). Padra and her siblings Alarch, Janduin and Marinna are part of a war committee with the Clan chief's and Wise Ones. They decide that because the Seanchan hadn't released their Wise Ones and the Aiel aren't part of the Dragon's Peace the Aiel are going to march to war against the Seanchan. [1]. This future also confirms one of Min's visions about Aviendha indeed having quadruplets to Rand. The strange thing about them is that they could channel since childhood and perpetually embrace the True Source.

Point of view: Aviendha

Stepping out of the pillars Aviendha resolves to do all she can to prevent this future from coming to pass and leaves Rhuidean to rejoin with her people.



Within Glass Columns





  1. Towers of Midnight, Chapter 49

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