EWoT: Turak Aladon

The High Lord Turak of House Aladon was a Seanchan High Lord, and the original commander of the Hailene.


He was tall with dark eyes; his head was completely shaved and the first two fingernails of each hand were lacquered blue.


He was a blademaster.

He was a collector of cuendillar and had the second largest collection of cuendillar next to the Empress of Seanchan herself.[1]


Turak led the Hailene to Falme, marking the beginning of the Return.

He met Bayle Domon and confiscated a few objects he possessed, including one of the Seals to the Dark One's prison, adding them to his own substantial Cuendillar collection.[1]

Padan Fain appeared before him and presented him with the Horn of Valere as a means to draw Rand to the Seanchan.[2]

When Rand finally arrived, he and his friends retrieved the Horn and Rand killed Turak in a sword fight without the use of the One Power. Initially Rand was losing, but when he used the Void technique he was a near even match in defense. Then Rand went on the offensive and killed Turak. Turak's so'jhin  committed suicide by plunging daggers into their own hearts.

After Turak's death, the High Lady Suroth took command of the Hailene.

Rand's status as Blademaster

It is said by some that Rand's defeat of Turak gave him the status of Blademaster; though it is debatable by some whether or not this particular incident made Rand a Blademaster automatically. This is because the unwritten rule is that if one kills a Blademaster they become a Blademaster. The only other way to become one is through evaluation and consensus of a panel of Blademasters. Rand later recounts this fight, saying there were no witnesses, so it did not count. Either way, it is made clear through out the series that Rand is as skilled as a Blademaster regardless of whether he met all the prerequisites. Robert Jordan did verify in an interview that Rand was a Blademaster.


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