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Tylee Khirgan is a Lieutenant-General in the Ever Victorious Army. Tylee is loyal to Seanchan, but she is of a much more reasonable disposition than many of her fellow officers, and she is willing to work with those of the Westlands who have not pledged themselves to the Empress.

Her forces proved essential in the Battle of Malden, which marked the first instance of the Seanchan collaborating with other forces of the Westlands in order to defeat the Shaido Aiel. She also served honorably in the Seanchan ranks at the Last Battle.


She is tall and broad-shouldered, lean and not young. She is graying at the temples of her close-cut curly black hair. She has two scars, one on her left cheek, the other on her forehead taking part of her right eyebrow.


She meets with Perrin Aybara and agrees to lend her troops to him in order to attack the Shaido Aiel in Malden. She then goes with Perrin to Almizar, where they pick up about four tons of forkroot for their plan against the Shaido.

Later she informs Perrin of a rebellious group of Whitecloaks moving north, not far from where their camp is situated. Just before the Battle of Malden, she sends Gueye Arabah to inform Perrin of two groups of Shaido closing in on Malden. She commands the Seanchan troops during the battle. After the battle she rides around the camp with Sevanna tied naked to her horse.

For her victory and the capture of so many marath-damane, Captain-General Lunal Galgan has Tylee promoted to Lieutenant-General and raised to the low Blood.

While on her way back to Ebou Dar her troop is ambushed by Trollocs and her long-time comrade Bakayar Mishima is killed, among others. She returns to Ebou Dar with a sack of Trolloc heads to confirm to the Seanchan that Trollocs in fact do exist. She then shows how much her experiences with Perrin have affected her, daring to suggest to the Daughter of the Nine Moons that the Seanchan should be seeking allies rather than conquest.

During the fight against the Sharans, Tylee leads the legion sent by Mat, to support the White Tower's forces. Even though the cavalry was requested by Gareth Bryne, he sets them to wait as a reserve unit, while the Tower's forces are pressed hard. When Mat notices this, he orders Tylee to lead the second banner, to deal with the enemy archers, while he lead the first banner to reinforce Egwene's army. Tylee notes that he is not wearing any armor and orders one of her officers to lend him his own.