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A Wheel of Time Wiki

I've been discussing Wheel of Time on the net since 2000 and was a long-time contributor to the now-defunct WoTmania. After a long hiatus, recent revived interest in the series has prompted me to become interested in the Wheel of Time again and making what contributions I can to improve the content of the WoT wiki.

Where to start

Shortest Pages: The pages on the wiki with the least content. Can they be expanded? Does this page need to exist? Should it be combined with other short articles onto a list page of related content? (would it be better for the reader to see this information together or seperately?)

Orphaned/Lonely Pages: Nothing links to these pages! Can they be integrated to the rest of the wiki? Do they need to exist? Is the content duplicated elsewhere and should these pages be merged?

What Links to this Page?: If you are changing content on a page, it may be useful to know what other pages are linked to it that may also require changing for consistency.

Useful pages

Special:SpecialPages: A full list of special pages.

Observations of work needed

Inclusion of additional, referenced facts from RJ's interviews taken from the Interview Database on Theoryland.com.

Inclusion of referenced material from RJ's notes as reported by 13th Depository blog.

Updating of general fandom information, especially to content creators on YouTube and pruning of references to websites that no longer exist or notes about how far the resources are updated.

The List of Old Tongue words needs merged into the entries for each letter.