EWoT: Vilnar Barada

Vilner Barada is a Saldaean under-lieutenant under the command of Davram Bashere.


He has a black beard.


He thinks on a woman he wants to marry, Teryane, who is a merchant's daughter in the town of Mehar in Saldaea. He thinks about Maiden's Kiss and that it sounds innocent.

He approached both Inns occupied by Aes Sedia in Caemlyn (Culain's Hound and The Crown of Roses) but did not have the courage to enter, though he had long wanted to see Aes Sedia. After watching The Crown of Roses, he decided that it must not contain them, as the women he saw did not live up to the stories he had heard of them. He falsely believes that he knows how to identify an Aes Sedia by sight.

He greets Perrin Aybara and Faile Bashere when they arrive in Caemlyn and takes them into the Royal Palace. He doesn't seem to enjoy the task of bringing Faile back to her father.