EWoT: Vitalien

Vitalien was Warder to Sarene Nemdahl, White Ajah, despite that Whites rarely have Warders.


He was broad-shouldered and Sarene wrote poetry comparing him to a leopard and other powerful, graceful and dangerous animals. [1]


As the Last Battle approached, Sarene and Vitalien engaged in a tempestuous love affair.


When Sarene Traveled to Far Madding, she left Vitalien behind in Cairhien. He then Traveled with Logain Ablar and Davram Bashere to Tear to find Rand al'Thor and Sarene.

He is present when Cadsuane breaks Semirhage.[2]

Vitalien continues to be by Sarene's side during Tarmon Gai'don, where he fights in the valley of Thakan'dar.


Vitalien was killed by Hessalam at Shayol Ghul.[3]


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