EWoT: Welyn Kajima

Welyn Kajima, was a former Arafellin clerk, who became an Asha'man.[1]

Appearance and Abilities

He wears his black hair in beaded braids, and smiles too much into his middle years. He was one of the strongest among Logain's Asha'men.


He is part of Logain Ablar's faction in the Black Tower. Kajima comes running to tell him that Taim is back and has posted new names of deserters on the board. Among the seven full Asha'man on the deserters board are Gedwyn, Kisman, Rochaid and Torval - Taim's men, which nobody can understand

Although he bonded Jenare Sedai unwillingly after she was captured in the White Tower attack on the Black Tower, they get on well now.

He has Traveled to Tear to join up with Logain and Rand. He took part in the battle against the Trollocs at Algarin's manor. He watches Rand's meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons from a distance and Travels in as backup when it is revealed that the Daughter of the Nine Moons is actually Semirhage.

After Tear, Welyn and Jenare returned to the Black Tower with Logain. There they were captured by Taim and Turned to the Shadow. Evin Vinchova tells Androl that Kajima has arrived back in the Black tower but his eyes are no longer his own. Welyn meets with Androl and tells him that Logain and Taim have patched up their differences and want a united Black Tower for Tarmon Gai'don. He feeds the men false information about what the Dragon Reborn is planning. Coteren enters and informs Androl that he has been demoted to Soldier, which Welyn confirms. He and Leems are waiting outside when Dobser sneaks into one of the houses to steal some wine. Leems is shielded by Pevara Tazanovni and Welyn tries to run before being tripped up by a weave of air from Pevara. Androl Genhald knocks him unconscious with a cudgel. The three men are given a sedative which should keep them asleep for quite some time. Welyn participates in trying to Turn Logain, and actually Turning Evin Vinchova to the Shadow. His final fate in the Last Battle is unknown.


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