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Wheel of Time is a song created by the band Blind Guardian based on the book series by Robert Jordan. It was a song featured in their album "At the Edge of Time."


Now there is no end
the Wheel will turn, my friend.

I'm in flames
'Cause I have touched the light
It pulls me son
We shall be one forevermore.
That's all I want
It's all I need. Everything is fixed.
There's no chance.
There's no choice!

It's calling me.
So precious and sweet.
My mind keeps fading away.

It's scratching deeper,
My sole reliever.
How can I find you now?

Passing through the flames
I see
How terror will rise.
It soon will be over
Oh Father of Lies.
Like foul winds at twilight,
It's coming over me.
What was and what will be?
What is?
I don't know!

Driving me insane.
Just feel the heat.
Madness creeps in.
I'll tear it down!

There's no end
Wheel of Time.
It keeps on spinning.
There's no beginning.
Turn the Wheel of Time.
There's no beginning.
Just keep on spinning.

Light - it binds me.
Light - it blinds me.
Light - it finds me.
Light denies me now!

I creep along
So desperate and tired.
Let me ask you.
I am what I am.
Prophecies I am the chosen
The flame will grow.
Feel the heat,
I'll keep on breathing.
After all there's no tomorrow!

Wheel of Time,
Save my soul, find a way.
And if I fail, will it all be over?
Oh, Wheel of Time.

The vision,
So fleeting and vague.
Once again I will bring down the mountain.
One last glimpse.
It is constantly slipping away.

The young man said
"I will never give up."
The inner war.
I can hold against it.
My mind, my mind,
My mind's in darkness.

The young man says
"I will never give in!"
The prophecy,
Behold It's true!
I conquer the flame,
To release the insane!
I'm crying!
I cannot erase.
I'm the Dragon Reborn,
And in madness
I soon shall prevail.
Twice I'll be marked,
And twice I shall live.
The heron sets my path,
And name me true.
Twice I'll be marked and
Twice I shall die.
My memory's gone,
But twice I pay the price!

Wheel of Time,
Save my soul.
Find a way!
May it be as the pattern has chosen.
Oh, Wheel of Time!
Turn the Wheel of Time
It keeps on spinning.
There's no beginning.
There's no end, Wheel of Time.
There's no beginning.
Just keep on spinning.

Shine on!
Embrace and deny me.
Turn on, Wheel of Time!
Shine on!
You've burnt me, now guide me.
Weave on, Wheel of Time!


The song is from the point of view of Rand al'Thor with possible mentions to Lews Therin Telamon inside his head, as well as thoughts on his own possible madness.