Whitebridge painting by Todd Cameron Hamilton

Whitebridge is a town in central-western Andor, named for the huge milk-white bridge that spans the River Arinelle.[1]

Most buildings in Whitebridge are made of stone or brick, and the docks are made of wood. All social classes are represented in Whitebridge, from merchants in their shiny lacquered carriages and velvet coats to farmers and peasants in rough wool.

The White Bridge



Whitebridge grew up around the large stone-paved square at the bridge's eastern foot. The bridge is believed to date from the Age of Legends, and looks to be made of impossibly fragile white glass, yet is so strong even a chisel and hammer will not mar it and despite its glasslike surface, it never becomes slick, even in the hardest rain. The White Bridge is the only span crossing the Arinelle south of Maradon in Saldaea. As a result, the town flourishes on trade.


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