Winespring Water

The Winespring Water

The Winespring Water is a creek that originates in the village of Emond's Field.


The stream is fed by an underground aquifer which is, in turn, a product of drainage from the Mountains of Mist. The headwater, called the Winespring, is located near the west end of the village Green and gushes forth with enough force to knock down a grown man. From the Green, the stream passes beneath two low railed footbridges, the Wagon Bridge, and then flows adjacent to the Winespring Inn. From there it widens rapidly and willow trees begin to dot its banks as it continues east past the mill owned by Jon Thane. After several more miles it splits into dozens of flows in the Waterwood before draining into The Mire.


Legend holds that the origin of the Winespring Water occurred when the Winespring burst forth upon the site where the Band of the Red Hand perished while defending king Aemon al Caar al Thorin of Manetheren. Upon feeling her husband die via the Bond they shared, Queen Eldrene unleashed tremendous forces wrought with the One Power upon the invading Shadowspawn. As a consequence, geologic shifts occurred in Aemon's Field releasing the underground aquifer and birthing the Winespring. Since that day, the Winespring Water has flowed continuously, slowly carving its creekbed through Emond's Field and eastward towards the Waterwood.