The Winged Guards are the military force of Mayene. The Winged Guards are a very elite and skilled group, with discipline and skill along the lines of Borderlanders. This is a requirement of fending off occassional attacks from Tear, as well as from their fiery Mayener heritage.

The Winged Guards were instrumental in rescuing Rand in the Battle of Dumai's Wells.

These Guards were clad in "... red breastplates and red helmets like rimmed pots that covered the nape of the neck, and their lances bore red streamers." Interestingly, elsewhere they appear as "... gray-coated Mayeners ... red cloaks and the long red streamers on their lances rippling ...": images that are different, but need not be mutually exclusive. Lances are described as long, slender, and steel-tipped, and helmets of ordinary Guards as plain, elsewhere as helmet, Jordan likely envisions a kettle hat, with either a horizontal or down-sloping rim, as shown above right; a downsloping rim would better cover the nape of the neck. The related pikeman's pot, a straight-rimmed variant on the morion (as shown for the Tairen Defenders) is equally possible.

All officers of the Guards have "... the thin plumes and wings ... worked in the sides of their helmets." The number of plumes denotes the rank. A commander of the Winged Guards, Havien Nurelle, has the same "... red-painted breastplate and helmet ..." though is distinguished from his troops by "... a crimson helmet with a single slender red plume." Lord Captain Gallenne wears a " helmet embossed with wings and bearing three thin crimson plumes..."

Their banner is a golden hawk on a field of blue.

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