"A man who trusts everyone is a fool, and a man who trusts no one is a fool. We are all fools, if we live long enough"
   — Lews Therin to Rand

External summary

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Setting: Far Madding


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand has moved to a different inn to avoid the Asha'man traitors he is hunting. He is playing the flute, a melody from Lews Therin's memories which Min doesn't care for. They are worried about what Alanna may do since Rand can tell she is in the city. Min is upset because a viewing she had of Alivia means that she will kill Rand, although it is really that she will help him die. When Alanna knocks on their door Min lays down close to Rand to impress show what her status is with Rand. Cadsuane enters followed by Alanna.

Cadsuane leaves and Alanna asks Rand what he did that left her unconscious for three days. He tells her he decided to be bonded by someone that asked permission first which angers Alanna. She tells him that all of the sisters from Dumai's Wells have now sworn to him including those that were stilled since Damer figured out how to heal them. Rand orders Alanna to return to Cairhien and then take some other Aes Sedai to try to settle the rebels in Haddon Mirk.

Point of view: Verin Mathwin

Verin is using the name Eadwina while she is in Far Madding since her real name would be recognized which she wishes to avoid since she was exiled from the city long ago. She returns from traveling around the city to find Elza confronting Cadsuane. Elza is angry that Alanna is gone so they can no longer be sure of finding Rand. Cadsuane is worried because Rand is losing his humanity, turning to stone as she puts it. Verin was prepared to overdose Cadsuane with a sleeping potion but changes her mind after hearing Cadsuane's objective with Rand.





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