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Setting: Far Madding


Point of view: Min Farshaw

Rand realizes the note he received about where to find Torval and Gedwyn must be a trap but he isn't worried. Min tries to discourage him from going but Nynaeve and Lan will be helping Rand. After Rand has been gone for a while, Min leaves the room to find Cadsuane so she can help Rand.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand, Lan and Nynaeve scout out the area around Zeram's bootmaking shop and decide it must be possible to enter the apartment from the roof, if they can get up there. Rand spots two men heading for the stairs to the apartment and a gust of wind help him identify them as Gedwyn and Torval. Rand asks Nynaeve to lift Lan and him with the Well of saidar in her belt, which she agrees to do with reservations. Nynaeve lifts Rand up, then lifts Lan. They enter through a trapdoor in the roof which lets them into an attic. Another trapdoor lets them into the apartment living quarters where he finds two bodies with black swollen faces, one of which is probably Gedwyn.

Rand recognizes the effect of the Ruby-hilted dagger and whispers to Lan that Fain is here and he must have sent the letter. As they dart into the bedroom Fain almost catches Rand with the dagger. Fain orders another man, Toram Riatin, to take care of Lan. Fain uses an special ability he has to repeat an even from the recent past. Rand sees Torval and Gedwyn coming up the stairs but understands it as a cover for an attack by Fain and responds with his own sword attack. Fain is wounded and runs away. In the meantime Lan has finished off Toram and they head to the roof to escape.

They reach the roof but as they move across the slates Lan's boot slips. Rand catches his wrist, but Lan is too heavy and they both slide off the roof to the alley below.






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