For the chapter in The Eye of the World called "The Wisdom", see The Eye of the World/Chapter 16.

Wisdom is a term used in the Two Rivers region of Andor to describe a village healer and leader of the local Women's Circle. Outside the Two Rivers and depending on the region, such a woman might instead have another title, such as Guide, Healer, Wise Woman, Reader, Advisor, Seeker, or Wise One.[1] Regardless of title, such women possess similar skills in the application of herbal remedies and are adept at treating illnesses and injuries. Many, though not all, are saidar-sensitive, but they are almost without variation Wilders with no complete knowledge of their true power potential.

The position of Wisdom is one of great responsibility and authority, both actual and implied.[1] Wisdoms are generally considered the equal to a village Mayor, and in some places his superior.[1] Unlike mayors, Wisdoms are generally chosen for life and it is exceptionally rare for a Wisdom to be removed from her office before her death.[1] All Wisdoms claim that they can " Listen to the Wind" but only those who are also wilders actually have the ability.

Known Wisdoms


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