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Welcome to A Wheel of Time Wiki, the free, unofficial repository of The Wheel of Time material that anyone can edit.

In this New Tongue version, started on October 17th, 2005, we are currently working on 6,146 articles.

We aspire to be a definitive unofficial source of plot summaries, character information, FAQs, glossary of terms, theories, and perhaps even fan fiction, parodies, etc.

At this early stage, how near or far we come to reaching this goal is partly up to you! So if you've read the books, please feel free to jump in and start contributing. You should also sign up for our email discussion list.

Spread the word of Robert Jordan's bestselling series by buying the first book, The Eye of the World for a friend or family member that hasn't read the series.

The Wheel of Time is © Copyright Robert Jordan.
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Gherald (talk) (contrib)

* start on NS 1 as soon as I find a suitable ebook to re-read it

ended up listening to the audiobook instead....

nae'blis (talk) (contrib)

Optimous (talk) (contrib)

  • Add days for On this day...
  • Add quotes for Quote of the day
  • Add summary formats for each chapter summary of each book(Icons, POVs, Settings, character mentioned, etc.)
  • Maybe make heraldry image for characters
  • Organize Quote of the day with list of quotes and people who say the quotes.
  • Edit/update how to/help pages
  • Add image template to old files

Mainphramephreak (talk) (contrib)

  • Working on Statistical analysis. POV analysis is done. Working on Dialogue analysis.
    • See talk page for updates and to add suggestions. See also my user page for weekly updates.
  • Fixing the year page tables (998 NE, 999 NE & 1000 NE).
  • Alphebetizing people in categories. See here for more info.
  • Category Clean-up. More information to come.
  • Finding and categorizing redirects.
  • Color project and Character template project. See here for more info.

Rahien (talk) (contrib)

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