A Wheel of Time Wiki is not subject to quite the same strictures as Wikipedia when it comes to a Neutral Point of View. Almost all of our source information is laid out right in the books, and aside from clearly delineating what is fan opinion and what is conjecture, there's little to "argue" about when it comes to the facts. The books should be our source material for any factual disputes, not 'voting' or syntactical tricks.

With that said, opinions and conjecture do have their place (primarily as a footnote in the Notes section on many pages). What we want to avoid is the appearance of crazy, unfounded opinions. Is Egwene annoying to some readers? Certainly, but that's not really relevant to people trying to learn more about the character. Allow them to make up their own mind. Similarly, even if you feel *sure* that you know *exactly* who Demandred is masquerading as, it's not appropriate to insert that into the main body of the text until it's confirmed by the author or texts. Adding your opinion to the talk page or a subheading for that purpose is a different matter.

Be reasonable. That's all we're asking for... if we have to make stronger guidelines about clashes of opinion later, we'll deal with it as we come to that.