EWoT: Zaired Elbar

Zaired Elbar was a Seanchan guard loyal to High Lady Suroth. He was also a Darkfriend.


He had a hook nose and was tall and dark.


Capturing Egwene

He was present when Liandrin hands over Egwene al'Vere to Suroth to be made a damane. He also captured Min Farshaw, who cut him in the process.[1]

He was part of the Seanchan army that conquered the Fortress of the Light in Amadicia and brought in Morgase Trakand to kneel at Suroth's feet.


Elbar was sent with a large Seanchan force by Suroth to capture and kill Tuon but Mat got wind of this and fought off the Seanchan army. Elbar was killed in the battle and Tuon used his presence as evidence to convict Suroth of treason.


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